GM: GOVERNMENT MOTORS GM: GOVERNMENT MOTORS... http://www.drudgerep 酒店工作 All USA law school needs to sue USA Government dare abus 找房子e government power to own GM. Because Government must have no right to force an 設計裝潢yone to work, not even have the power to force your USA President to work not mention anyone 酒店兼職under your national head. GM may be General Motors, because your General must 關鍵字排名have absolute right to force anyone to work, anyone too sick too weak too wicked to work, your General c 室內設計an have all his right to give you free or to give you death; yet your government must have to do the duty to take care the s 西服 ick weak wicked and do all it can to prolong the sick weak wicked shameless worthless disgusting selfish unhuman unkind loveless lifeless life, t 酒店打工hat how your government must have no right to fire any sick weak wicked hiding inside GM, must have to rely on you the people to do the killing. USA Government dare 酒店工作abused public power to own GM, USA Government must have to gone. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 裝潢  .

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